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  • Prevent Hair Loss

    Nursing your hair to good health...
  • Hair Wellness - Let's Talk Hair Health

    Let's Talk Hair Health
  • I'm THIRSTY - Signs of Dehydration

    Stay Hydrated
  • Under Eye Puffiness BE GONE!

     Clearing your sinuses can help remove under-eye bags and dark circles
  • Proper Scalp Hygiene......

    Hair Loss Prevention Begins With Proper Scalp Hygiene
  • All About Hair

    Let's Talk Hair and Health
  • Weigh in Often

    The scale is our friend
  • Cleansing and Conditioning your hair

    Hair Products are NOT created equally
  • Fighting Allergies During Quarantine

    Ah-Choo....Flared Allergies, even during quarantine
  • Cabin Fever Relief

    Overcoming the mental stress of cabin fever
  • The Power of Journaling

    Indulge in a nice venting session with a piece of paper...your hair will thank you
  • Breathing Made Easy

    Breathing to De-Stress...Your hair will benefit from it