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Signs of Dry & Damaged Hair

Signs Of Dry & Damaged Hair

~ Is your hair tangled?

~ Is your hair dull looking?

~Is your hair frizzy?

~Is your hair brittle and breaks easily?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you could have dry or damaged hair.

Everyone desires to have healthy, shiny, bouncing and behaving hair. But after years of lying to your hairstylist about not using curling irons or flat irons (in between visits) 😂, at-home box colors, at-home relaxers, and avoiding trims like the plague 💇🏽‍♀️ --- your hair has simply had enough 😓💀💀


Knowledge is power--and your hair will thank you for it!!

* TOO much heat - turn the temp down. The hotter your irons, the more damage you cause.

* HARSH brushing/combing - always use a wide tooth comb and avoid tearing through your ends. Take your time and detangle properly. If the tangling continues, its probably time for a trim and a treatment.

* DAILY shampooing or using the wrong shampoo - daily shampooing strips your natural hair oils, leaving your hair dry and brittle. Be sure to use shampoos with simple, natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals.

* OVER coloring - too much coloring (overlapping) can damage the cuticle. This can lead to permanent damage that can only be fixed with a big chop.

* OVER relaxing - improper relaxing (overlapping) can also damage the cuticle, which can also lead to permanent damage that can only be fixed guessed it....a big chop.

*These are the most common culprits


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