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Hair Wellness - Let's Talk Hair Health

Did you know your hair, skin and nails are the first sign that there's a fight going on inside of your body? Yep, it's true. They are considered non essential entities of the human body, so they are the first to take the hit. Let me help you translate what your body may be saying through your hair loss issues.

Oftentimes you can prevent and repair some of your hair issues if you:

1st -  interpret correctly

2nd -  commit to doing something about it

The longer you wait to address your hair loss issues, it may become unrecoverable.

- Balding - Flaking - Scalp Soreness - Itching - Scalp Discoloration - Dry/brittle Hair - Brittle Patches - Dry Patches - Breakage - Thinning - Dull - Tangled -

All of these are symptoms. Get help interpreting the language your hair and scalp are speaking. Call to schedule a consultation today.

CeCe Dixon (Your Hair Wellness Guru)


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