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Charnita (CeCe) Dixon is a Certified Trichologist and founder of Cachét Hair, Beauty and Restoration Center.  She is also a Master Hair Stylist and owner and CEO of Cachét Hair & Beauty Studio, Inc., located in Upper Marlboro, MD.

The Restoration Center focuses on hair growth solutions comprised of:

  • microscopic scalp exams
  • proper scalp hygiene
  • therapeutic growth formulas
  • DHT inhibitors
  • scalp treatments
  • hair growth supplements
  • body scans
  • low level light therapy (LLLT)

As a result of working with clients suffering with alopecia caused by:

  • poor hair care practices
  • health issues
  • medications
  • stress
  • hormonal imbalances
  • poor nutrient absorption
  • other causes.....

She has developed a proven product line formulated to naturally encourage the growth of strong, healthy, thicker looking hair.  Accurate prognosis, enriched products, and corrective restorative treatments have proven successful at Cachét Hair, Beauty, and Restoration Center.

The Hair Salon prioritizes healthy hair by maintaining the integrity of each strand.  She continuously seeks education on the latest trends, formulas, techniques, technology, state of the art equipment and tools.  This industry is ever changing but the one thing that remains the same is her passion for healthy hair.....above all else. 

The way you achieve a goal may change, but the “why” remains the same.  She believes your outcome is only as good as the platform you’re working on….Healthy hair is the key to any great hair style.

The Hair Salon and the Restoration Center work harmoniously together to give client support with restorative hair growth services and salon services in a single location.  The clients are able to participate in the hair growth treatment plan on the clinical side, followed by skillful appropriate hair care services on the salon side.